I firmly believe that visualizations, grids, and calculators make personal finance easier to understand, which is why I have built so many of them. Here is a list of every visual I have ever made.

Interactive Visualizations

Visualizing Food Prices in 130 Major U.S. Cities

Visualizing the Rent & Cost of Living in 130 Major U.S. Cities

100+ Jobs with $50k+ Salaries Without a Bachelor’s Degree

Visualizing Millionaires by Country

Visualizing Average Salary & Employment by Occupation in the U.S.

Visualizing the Average Salary of Professions in the U.S.

Visualizing Every Dollar I Spent in 2017

FOUR Visuals: Volume 7 (Visualizing Future S&P 500 Returns)

Visualizing Stock Ownership in the U.S. Before and After the Financial Crisis

Visualizing Warren Buffett’s Favorite Stock Market Index

Visualizing the Net Worth of Americans by Age

Visualizing Every Rockstar Finance Blogger’s Net Worth

Interactive Calculators

Active Income in Retirement Calculator

FOUR Visuals: Volume 8 (Finding Equivalent Savings Plans)

FOUR Visuals: Volume 6 (Random Portfolio Generator)

FOUR Visuals: Volume 5 (Comparing Savings vs. Investment Returns)

FOUR Visuals: Volume 4 (Comparing Net Worth By Age)

FOUR Visuals: Volume 2 (The Tiny Blocks of Financial Independence)

FOUR Visuals: Volume 1 (Financial Independence Calculator)

Financial Grids

The Early Retirement Grid

The 401(k) Savings Grid

The Million Dollar Age Grid

Time to One Million Dollars Grid

The Monthly Savings Grid

The Financial Flexibility Grid

The Side Hustle Grid

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Savings Grids