Just Do It

Something incredible happens when we make a decision to do something. Our thoughts change. We begin to think of what actions we need to take to make that decision become a reality.

Consider a simple example: We wake up in the morning and think of something funny to tweet. Our mind instantly begins to think of what actions we need to take to make this tweet become a reality. Neurons fire in our brain and tell us to reach for our phone,  type in our pass-code, and open the Twitter app. We quickly run through various ways of how we should word the tweet to get the most favorites. Then we send the tweet. It enters into the Twittersphere. Our decision to tweet something has been brought to fruition by our actions.

This is a silly example but it illustrates a powerful concept: when we make a decision to do something, our mind begins to think of how we can make that decision become tangible.

This same phenomenon takes place when we make actual important decisions too. When we make a decision that we want to obtain financial independence, our brain starts thinking of ways to support this decision. We begin to look at what is preventing us from reaching financial independence. Maybe we don’t need a brand new car. Maybe we don’t need a car at all. Maybe that monthly magazine subscription isn’t actually enhancing our life at all. Maybe we don’t need a house with so many guest bedrooms that are never actually used. Maybe you can start a side hustle to increase your income.

So how do we make sure that our decisions to do things are supported by our actions? We must put ourselves into positions where we can’t turn back. If we want to take a trip to Australia next year, we should book plane tickets now and make reservations at an AirBnB that we can’t cancel. Even if we currently don’t have the money to make this trip a reality, this will force our brain to think of ways to afford the trip. If we want to lose 30 pounds before our wedding in 6 months, order a suit that is tailored for someone 30 pounds lighter than us. We will be forced to take actions that will allow us to lose those 30 pounds.

So if we want to accomplish something in life, we need to:

  1. Make the decision to do it
  2. Put ourselves in a position where we can’t turn back

The brain is a powerful machine. Make the decision to do something positive in your life and your brain will find a way to make it happen.

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  1. I agree! I had been ratcheting up my savings rate slowly for a year or so, but then I decided I wanted to quit my job and move. I knew I had to squash my school loan and car loan. And once the decision was made, saving became easy.

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