The Freedom Framework

The whole point of life is to be happy. Years of science and research have shown us that the main ways we obtain happiness are by having meaningful relationships with people around us and by doing work that we find meaningful. So if we know this, why don’t we just constantly hang out with people we love and do work that is important to us every single day?

Because we don’t have time!

But WHY do we not have time? Because we spend a large portion of our day working at jobs that we most likely aren’t terribly passionate about. But WHY do we have to spend so much time working at these jobs we aren’t passionate about? Because we need money. But WHY do we need money? Because we have expenses. For the average person these expenses include: house payments, car payments, insurance payments, cell phone bills, cable bills, magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, and the list goes on.

Due to this modern day exorbitant lifestyle we have so many expenses that nearly all of our income goes towards simply paying for these expenses. Since the typical human saves very little of their income they become reliant upon a full-time job to have a constant stream of money coming in to cover these expenses. And this reliance upon a job typically lasts for around 40 working years.

But there is a way to escape this lifestyle. All you have to do is make the freedom inequality tilt in your favor.

Freedom Inequality: Passive income > living expenses

As soon as your passive income is greater than your living expenses, you are free. FOREVER. Passive income (money you don’t have to actively work for) becomes sufficient to cover your living expenses so you don’t need a job to cover your expenses. You never have to work again. You can do absolutely whatever you want with your time. And if you do choose to keep working that’s perfectly fine because you obtain the freedom to decide what you want to work on and when you want to work on it.

To make this happen you need to do two basic things in your life:

– Decrease expenses

+ Increase income

In order to make this happen, you must understand the FOUR PILLARS OF FREEDOM. If you can understand these pillars deeply and implement them into your life you will become financially independent and as a result you will have all the time in the world to pursue whatever you want. You can maximize time spent with loved ones and you will have freedom to do whatever work you’re truly passionate about in life. Here are the four pillars:

Pillar I: Philosophy Pillar II: Psychology Pillar III: Work Ethic Pillar IV: Finance
Purpose Materialism Mastery Index Funds
Stoicism Relationships Habits Dividend income
Values Human Behavior Simplicity Automated investing

Pillars that decrease expenses:

Pillar I: Philosophy

Pillar II: Psychology

Pillars that increase income:

Pillar III: Work Ethic

Pillar IV: Finance

In summary, the freedom framework looks like this:

We want happiness. Happiness is obtained through freedom.

We want freedom to spend time with loved ones and do meaningful work.

To gain this freedom we need financial independence.

To gain financial independence we need to use the four pillars in our favor.

The end result will be freedom and ultimately happiness.

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  1. Nice framework here 4PF, I noticed you changed up the website slightly as well, as they say a change is as good as a holiday right 😉 haha

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