Financial Gems – My Favorite Blog Posts of 2017


It has only been 55 days since the start of the new year and I have already read a plethora of inspiring, well-written, thought-provoking blog posts from other financial bloggers across the web. 

Among the numerous blog posts I’ve read so far in 2017, here are my favorites:

Miss Mazuma – Financial Independence: The Journey AND The Destination

This blog post is a gem and a half. I have even re-read it more than once since New Years. 

In a financial blogsphere obsessed with reaching financial independence, very few bloggers are willing to warn us that the journey to F.I. is just as important as the destination. This is a concept I struggle with myself. I find myself thinking about what it will be like to be financially independent so much that I often forget to enjoy the moment I’m in right now.

In this beautifully crafted blog post, Miss Mazuma gives us a gentle reminder that the journey to F.I. literally shapes who we are as people, which is why it’s such an important journey to embrace: 

As fellow personal finance bloggers, we do talk a lot about that FI number or, in my case, that date.  Many of us are so focused on FI that we tend to lose perspective of the fact that the years leading up to FI are a big chunk of time in our life.  An important chunk of time.  It is all about the destination for some, but for others, this journey is so important because it is shaping our financial futures past that moment of financial independence.

Go read this post and thank me later.

Financial Samurai – Do You Want To Be Rich Or Do You Want To Be Free?

This blog post feels a lot like a short story. Financial Samurai details how he often plays tennis at two different locations on a regular basis: a public park and a private tennis club. He points out that the group of guys he plays tennis with at the public park are just ordinary dudes who hold ordinary jobs, yet they have a fair amount of free time and leisure in their life. They’re down to play tennis for several hours at a time.

By contrast, the group of guys he plays tennis with at the private tennis club are typically quite wealthy and hold “important” corporate positions, yet they must adhere to a strict schedule due to their lifestyle. They typically are only free to play tennis briefly in the evenings.

This begs the question: who lives a better lifestyle? The public park players aren’t wealthy, but they have plenty of free time in their daily schedule. Conversely, the high-earners at the tennis club have boatloads of money but very little freedom over their time. Who is the real winner here? Financial Samurai offers his own input:

As a high earning corporate employee for 13 years and then as an unemployed writer for five years, I’ve seen both sides of the fence. I can say with 100% certainly life is better earning less! Not poverty level less, just enough to have all your needs and some wants covered.

This post serves as a reminder that being rich in time is far more satisfying than being rich monetarily. Go check out the full post here.

Montana Money Adventures – The Highlight Reel

This post takes a deep look at the warring philosophies of consumerism and intentional living. There are so many memorable lines about meaningful living sprinkled throughout this blog post.

Ms. Montana shares her personal “highlight reel” – a list of her most noteworthy adventures and life experiences. She explains how she could easily have sacrificed many of the experiences on her current highlight reel if she had instead chosen to live a slightly more extravagant lifestyle. 

Through her writing it is wildly obvious she knows exactly what she values in life and what she intends to spend her time and energy on. Personally her mindset and philosophy on life is an inspiration to me.

One of my favorite passages from her post is:

Treat the most important, like it’s the most important. Treat the rest, like it’s just the rest. I want an epic highlight reel. If I have to cut out some of the trivial noise and random upgrades to do that, so be it. I want to live a life that shines like a blaze of glory. A life that inspires my friends and family long after I am gone.

Go read this post. It’s a gem.

Mr. Tako Escapes – Always Be Making Mistakes

I have already mentioned before that as much as humans have a fear of failure, we shouldn’t take our failures so seriously since we’re the only ones keeping track of them. Mr. Tako Escapes hits the same nail on the head from a different angle in this blog post.

Mr. Tako Escapes brings up the brilliant point that mistakes are our greatest opportunities to learn and grow. If you aren’t mistaking mistakes, it’s likely that you aren’t trying anything new or audacious. He even mentions that most of the wisdom he freely disperses on his blog came from what he learned through past mistakes and failures.

My favorite bit from this post is his advice on ‘failing small’ financially:

Fail, but fail small. Then try something new, and fail small again. Eventually, you won’t fail. Maybe it was luck, or maybe you learned something. Be humble. As your financial resources grow you can fail just a little bit bigger, but always remember to ‘fail small’.

I love when bloggers aren’t afraid to talk about the merits of failure and mistakes. I highly recommend reading the entire post here.

DRock – Do and Try.

Technically this post wasn’t written in 2017, but I just stumbled upon it this year so I still believe it’s worthy of sharing. DRock is a filmmaker for Gary Vee, who is an entrepreneur currently taking the world by storm on YouTube. You can check out his channel here.

In this brief post, DRock makes the simple point that the main reason most people aren’t doing what they like on a daily basis is because they haven’t put forth the effort. They have never even taken the first step towards building a life they want. He points out that “Doing what you love, will be hard. It’s just the nature of the business.” But despite this fact, doing what you love is worth it.

My favorite quote from this post is:

A lot of times people confuse “not being happy” with “hard-work” these are two different things. The truth is doing what you love will take tremendous amounts of hard work…but my answer is at least you’re putting hard work and hours into doing what you love than the alternative.

I love writers who aren’t scared to say that the life you want will require hard work. But isn’t the hard work always worth it? We only get one life here. Check out DRock’s full post here.

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10 Replies to “Financial Gems – My Favorite Blog Posts of 2017”

  1. Hey Zach! Thanks so much for including me. I am glad you enjoyed the post and were able to get something out of it. With FI as the end game it is truly difficult to find that balance. Everyday between now and then is what will make me successful at reaching FI which makes TODAY the day that is most important – not the one day that my bank account tips the scale. Giving purpose to each day in between and every step of the way to FI helps to calm the anxiety I feel when only looking at the future.

    Also, LOVED that post by Montana Money Adventures and Financial Samurai – I haven’t read the others but am popping over now to check them out. Thank you for opening my eyes to a few new posts and a new blog I hadn’t yet read. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Although, 2017 has just begun! I’m sure there’ll be plenty of better posts to consider, but thanks for including mine all the same!

    Will have a read of the other posts you highlighted and your posts as well.



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