• Pillar IV: Finance
  • Financial Tools I Love

    The path to financial independence is a whole lot easier when you have financial tools and services that help you along the way. In the internet age we live in there are a myriad of different tools and financial services right at our fingertips and choosing which ones to use can be tricky and overwhelming. […]

  • Pillar III: Work Ethic
  • Success Is Not Linear

    What people think the path to success looks like:   What the path actually looks like: This graph shows an accurate portrayal of success. People will go for long periods of time, especially when they first start a new project, where they will see no visible results. This time period of seeing no clear success often lasts […]

  • Pillar II: Psychology
  • Just Do It

    Something incredible happens when we make a decision to do something. Our thoughts change. We begin to think of what actions we need to take to make that decision become a reality. Consider a simple example: We wake up in the morning and think of something funny to tweet. Our mind instantly begins to think […]